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Beverly Payton
Beverly M. Payton, M.A., APR

Payton Communications LLC is a virtual public relations and marketing communications firm that seeks to make the world a better place with research-driven, results-focused, strategic communication solutions. We move beyond generating awareness to creating and executing positive behavior-change campaigns. We serve nonprofit, public health, government organizations and socially responsible, mission-driven businesses.

Most importantly, Payton Communications LLC is me—Beverly M. Payton, M.A., APR. It’s part of who I am—my values, my education, my diverse skill set and my accumulated work and life experiences. So it’s crucial that I can take pride in its accomplishments and the methods for achieving them. I place a high priority on honesty, professional ethics, mutual respect, transparency, high quality work, social responsibility and measurable, positive outcomes.

I Take a Strategic Approach

I develop strategic communications plans rooted in a result-driven process. First, I learn everything I can about your organization, what you want to achieve, how you will measure success, your estimated timeline and your communications program budget. Then, together we decide what creative talent is needed to accomplish your objectives.

As a board-accredited public relations professional, I am familiar with the Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles and know that research and measurement are key components of an effective, strategic communications plan. So, we assess your organization’s current benchmarks so we can measure change over time.

Thorough research uncovers insights that enable me to create communications strategies and tactics tied to specific, measurable objectives.

Get a Dream Team of Creative Talent

A virtual dream team of creative talent.

Working with a network of independent, highly skilled marketing and communications professionals enables me to create integrated communications solutions that convey clear, compelling messages across paid, earned, shared and owned media channels. This holistic approach is the best way to drive audience awareness, interest and behavior change.

A virtual business model keeps me nimble and flexible. In addition to not having the financial burden of maintaining a brick-and-mortar agency building, Payton Communications has no employees. Everyone on our handpicked team is an independent contractor, similar to a movie production crew. This gives me the ability to quickly assemble a crackerjack creative team based on the talent needed, project budget and anticipated timeline.

Let Me Tell Your Compelling Story

I believe the most authentic and powerful stories are about people, ethical leadership and brand purpose. I will find the compelling story buried in your information, make it clear and identify the best ways for you to deliver it to your most important audiences.

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