Plan to Protect Your Reputation

By Beverly M. Payton, M.A., APR Public relations professionals who specialize in crisis communications are among the highest paid in the industry. That’s because they are usually called in to consult for an organization only after a crisis has been boiling over for some time. Besieged leaders hope the consultant can invoke some PR magic that not only turns down the heat, but also moves the boiling pot off the burner and cleans up the gooey, sticky mess. Most of the time, they can’t. The kitchen is already on fire. What will you do when the S%#$ hits the fan? A …

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Don't Spam the Press

Media Relations 101: Don’t Spam the Press!

Blame the publicist, not the media database. New York Times consumer columnist David Segal, aka The Haggler, went off topic this week to slam publicists who clog his email with spam—press releases on topics that are irrelevant to him, his readers, and, most likely, The New York Times readership.  In his column, Swatting at a Swarm of Public Relations Spam, Segal complains about publicists who subscribe to a very powerful and—when poorly used—dangerous media relations tool, an online media database.  The offenders he hunted down were using Vocus, but other media database providers–Cision, Agility and Media Pro–to name a few, …

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Mark Weiner, CEO of Prime Research

In PR, Measurement Matters; But How Do We Do It?

  Key Takeaways from the Public Relations Society of America Measurement Symposium Any public relations professional who has studied for the APR exam, or who has read the Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles, released in 2010, knows that research and measurement are key components of an effective, strategic communications plan. The first Barcelona Principle stresses the importance of goal setting and measurement. Effective measurement begins with developing communications objectives that answer who, what, when and how much the PR program is intended to affect.  A useful acronym many PR professionals are familiar with is SMART–Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-driven and Time-based. …

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