Building and Working with a Virtual Creative Team

The World is My Office

The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown taught many businesses is that it’s possible to run an efficient organization when everyone works remotely. This was no surprise to me, since this has been my business model since 2011.

There are obvious financial advantages to running a virtual business, such as eliminating the expense of renting a brick and mortar office space and providing desks, computers, phones, and other business supplies for an on-site staff. But there are many other advantages that may be less obvious to business leaders stuck in the traditional on-site business model.

For one thing, I am not limited by geography. I can select the best team members for the job, regardless of where they live. Moreover, everyone is an independent contractor, not an employee. When work is flowing, I ramp up. When it’s slow—or non-existent—everyone pursues their own business projects. Sometimes someone brings me into a project they are working on. It’s very Yin Yang.

Diversity Works

I believe it’s essential to assemble a team that represents the wonderful diversity of our human community, including: people of color, LGBQT+, different faith backgrounds and a wide span of ages, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it ensures that our communications campaigns are informed by professionals with multiple frames of reference and unique cultural insights. I also seek partnerships with woman-owned and disadvantaged businesses. I have found their commitment to mission and work ethic to be inspiring and energizing.

When a project requires more “arms and legs,” I tap communications student interns in their final undergraduate year or those beginning graduate school.

Our Teamwork Model is Unique

The virtual business model also means that Payton Communications doesn’t adhere to traditional agency reporting relationships such as: partner, president, vice president, account supervisor, account coordinator, etc. At most traditional PR and advertising firms, agency principals or partners spend the bulk of their time recruiting and signing new clients. After a contract is in place they assign the work on those accounts to less experienced, lower paid staff, while they move on to pursue other contracts.

I don’t work that way. I tap senior-level, highly experienced creative professionals whose work I admire. I ensure they are fairly compensated, to account for the typical non-billable expenses of consulting work, such as taxes and health and business insurance. We work collaboratively, respecting one another as colleagues working towards the same goal. We critique one another’s work until it shines.

You can be assured, that whomever works on your project will be as dedicated to purpose-driven organizations as I am.

Together we will “make your mission our own.”

Honest, Transparent Billing

I share a detailed cost analysis with clients so they know who will be doing what and how much their work costs. I also offer clients the option of directly paying each contracting team member and service vendor separately. This avoids the need to markup my invoice for accounting and carrying expenses.

This virtual, collaborative business model means I can pass on significant cost savings to my clients, many of whom could not afford the services of a traditional PR or marketing firm.

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